Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boo! I'm Sick!

I had to skip work today. Which was a major bummer- while I *love* sleeping all day, I need the money! I have been feeling kinda yucky since Friday and it seemed as if I was only getting worse so I decided to venture off to the doctors in hope to receive some serious meds and knock this out. 

Me, in bed, in all my sickness-glory.

Apparently I have bronchitis. Am I the only one that thinks of dinosaurs when I hear bronchitis? 
Apparently I'm not since I just came across this on google.

Anyways- Doc gave me a Z-pac so hopefully this will knock whatever I have out before it gets any worse! I have a very busy month coming up! 

Which by the way- Happy February to you all! I have a very busy (excitingly busy!) schedule this month!
- Superbowl weekend
- Mama's big 50th birthday!
- Valentines day
- Andrew and I are going to the Biltmore estate
- My step sisters wedding shower

I am so excited for every single weekend this month! I am such a sucker for Valentines day and I can't wait to celebrate with my love. This is the first year we will be able to be together on Valentines day because of all the long distance in the past so it will be extra special! 

valentines day


  1. Just found your blog, feel better girl!


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