Monday, February 20, 2012

Biltmore Mini Vacay

This past weekend Andrew and I went to Asheville, North Carolina. We spent all day Saturday at the Biltmore Estate and Biltmore's Antler Hill Village. Without boring you with too much history, it is imperative that you know that the Biltmore Estate is the countries largest privately owned residence. The estate itself has 250 rooms (two being a bowling alley and indoor swimming pool, which was unheard of at the time) while the grounds include 75 acres of gardens, a winery, and an inn. 

Upon arriving to the Biltmore Estate we were given headphones and a little device that we used in each room to hear the history and neat little facts. The day was full of history, which we loved. Call us dorks if you wish, but we both agreed that we could spend a whole other day there and still not soak in enough info.  We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the house *laaaaame* which totally sucked because I really wanted to take pictures of the magnificent two story library. It was beautiful. 

I was able to take some pictures of the outside of the house and the view from one of their many balconies. Unfortunately, these pictures hardly do the house any justice, as you can only capture so much beauty in photograph. I would definitely recommend you making the visit if given the chance.

Ohhh.. but before I show you the Biltmore.. I must show you the McDonalds beside it.
(..yes, I realize how weird that sounds. In time you will understand..)

Apparently this is one of the top 10 McDonalds in the world, which is saying a lot considering I hear their are some pretty freakin' sweet ones in other counties. 

The Outside of Mickey D's

It had a gas burning fireplace.. 

This was the ceiling

This piano was in the corner and played on it's own.. keys went down with the notes and everything..
I can't make this up y'all.. this was INSIDE McDonalds. I enjoyed a cheeseburger and some fries while listening to a grand piano at the local McD's.. and took numerous pictures.. whilst getting very strange looks. Don't you sometimes just want to wear a tshirt that says 'I'm a blogger, excuse the flash." I do.

Some scenery from the Biltmore Estate:

My handsome man :) with some stylish head phones circa 1995

The Biltmore
[if you look closely, you can see all the black chairs in front. They were setting up for a wedding. Hello *big bucks*! All the wedding goers were in fur coats and tuxedos.


After we toured the house, we drove to another part of the grounds, Antler Hill Village. This is where the winery is. It is so beautiful around there. The sun was going down and it was pretty freezing so I didn't take many pictures but I did take a few inside the winery.

Neither of us are big wine drinkers (insert *gasp* here!) we just don't like the taste very much and it makes me sweeeepy, so instead we had a champagne tasting. I love love love champagne. I think we should drink it all the time- every new day is a celebration! So we each had 3 different kinds. Some we liked and some we could live without. I particularly liked a specialty pink bottle (imagine that!). 

We had so much fun together and both agreed we need to go back very soon. I love taking little vacations with him and making memories we will cherish forever. 



  1. I've always wanted to go there!! Your trip looked amazing. AND, I can't believe somebody was having a wedding there! Crazy!

  2. I love the Biltmore House!! My husband are taking a late Valentines trip in a few weeks.

  3. What a fancy Mcdonalds!! Loving those pink bottles!!

  4. That has always been my favorite mcdonalds because of the way the style of it was crazy maybe! I love going to the Biltmore during the Spring when the gardens are in bloom its beautiful then :) I am glad you all had a great time :0

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