Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whiskey Banjo Boogie

You know that one song that can completely turn your day around? No matter how crummy of a day you have had, hearing that song can still put a smile on your face. That is how blue grass music is for me. I can't help but smile, stomp my foot, and clap along to the music when I hear it. That is why I was so excited to finally hear my friend Dave's blue grass band play last night. 

The name of their band is Much Oblige and let me tell yall- they were WELL worth the wait to see! They played for around 3 hours- all of their songs were written by them and they were so so so darn good. I was blown out of the water. I had heard them play around Dave's house just running through some of the songs and goofing off but when I heard them perform I was extremely impressed. These guys have pure talent and anyone with eyes & ears can tell that.

Much Oblige- blurry camera phone picture

My friend Dave rocking overalls 

The band again

Andrew dancing with our friend Rachel

Me & my sweet boy!

My best friend Alli & I :)

Listen to their music here or here.
Seriously- please listen, you will be so glad you did- it will brighten your day right up and put a great big smile on your face!
Visit Much Oblige on their Facebook page here.
& if you like them- make sure you let them know!

Disclaimer: Their lyrics are quite catchy.. awesomely catchy actually.. consider this your warning if the lyrics are stuck in your head for the rest of the day! :)


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