Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well Hey There!

WOAH. Have I been MIA or what? I would apologize, but it was nice to have a break and I can't guarantee I will ever get back to posting as regularly as I was in the past. Now that I have a full time job and can barely find the time to clean my room and run errands for must-haves, I have been trying to spend every extra minute spending time with friends and family (which I feel like I never see anymore!) and catching up on sleep. Seriously- I don't know how you girls with full time jobs do it.. all the DIY crafts, wonderful parties, and have clean, decorate houses. IMPRESSED. If only the office didn't block blogger.. 
Anyway- I haven't seen yall (so to speak) since before Christmas- I hope everyone had a fabulous one and a very happy New Year! 
I received some wonderful gifts from the family and Andrew and had so much fun spending time with them. Christmas weekend was JAM PACKED and I didn't get a single second off work other than that so we literally went nonstop. It was exhausting but the memories were more than worth it. 
Since it was so long ago, I won't kill you with a picture overload but here's a couple: 

Me & My Mama at my Nana & Papa's on Christmas Eve

Andrew & I 

My Mama & Jim

Nana & Papa Opening Christmas Gifts :)

The Little Ones Before Nana's

Little Izzy with her Christmas Sweater

Well, at least I posted Christmas pictures before Valentines Day!
(Something to brag about, huh?) 

I am really going to try harder! I miss you all very very much. It's like I am missing my support system. 
I have been reading your blogs and keeping up with you all! I read about yall on my breaks and by the time I catch up- breaks over and I don't have time to update. I never was too good with time management but I am working on it! Stick with me! :)

I will post some New Years resolutions/goals/changes (I am not quite sure how I would like to define them yet) in the near future as well as some life updates-- although, there are very few. Same ol' thing, different day now that I have no life. 


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