Saturday, January 28, 2012

Murder Mystery Night

Last Saturday Andrew and I went on a surprise date I had planned. The only surprise was how awful this certain place was though! I may be a liiiittle biased because I had such high expectations of surprising him with an awesome one of a kind date but I was pretty disappointed none the less. 
Thankfully- I purchased the tickets on groupon, although I still think even the groupon price was wayyy overpriced!
Where did we go you wonder? A murder mystery show. It supposed to be a dinner show where you get a three course meal and work as a team at your table to solve a mystery that is acted out right in front of you. I won't disclose the price I paid, but the actually price is supposed to be $120 a couple. Doesn't seem so bad, right? Just wait until you see the pictures. Pictures that were taken off their facebook page because when we got there, even though I was obsessed with my outfit, I didn't even want to take pictures. That bad. 

Before I disclose these pictures and give you a little insight of what this night entails, let me just add that we sat BEHIND a giant stone fireplace that was in the middle of the restaurant. The 'stage' was on the other side of the fireplace so we couldn't see squat! At the end of the night when they told us who the 'killer' was we had never even seen him before! We must have missed his introduction in the beginning because he was behind the fireplace. Now, that is ANNOYING! We pay all this money, try our hardest to have a good time and solve the mystery with our group despite the situation at hand, and then come to find out we were missing half the clues and didn't know half the people involved because of the set up. That doesn't seem fair at all. 

Side note: they gave my food to someone else at first and when I finally received the pasta it was cold!

This was the murder scene. Between tables where nobody could see, and in front of the fireplace where we definitely couldn't see!

This is just to show you the giant fireplace. We were on the other side of it and the stage on the side you're looking at.

Andrew and I are at the end of the table, trying our hardest to have fun.
See, we tried!
[side note: the lady behind me kept putting her feet up on the wall and having her man friend massage her.  This place was unbelievable.]

The make-shift stage and actors

And again..

Catch my drift?
This is just a warning to RESEARCH before you do anything. This was supposed to be so fun and exciting but the whole time I couldn't stop thinking about how awful it was and that I couldn't believe I drug Andrew there and paid so much money for such a scam!

Happy weekend! :) 
I'm off to go wedding dress shopping with my cousin and tonight Andrew and I are going with friends to see our friend Daves band. Hopefully I'll take pictures. I need to get back in to the swing of blogging! I have missed you gals :(


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