Thursday, September 29, 2011

You've Gotta Hear This

It's kind of a funny story..

My senior year of high school a couple friends and I convinced our parents (thanks mom & dad!) to let us go to Cancun for spring break. Little did we know, we were about the add to our already close knit group of friends. A couple days into our vacation we met some really awesome guys at the pool. They were just like us.. except from Ohio. We ended up spending every single waking second with these guys for the rest of the week. We all became instant best friends. The kind of friends you can count on, even if they are states away. It seems crazy to say that we knew instantly these friends would last a lifetime, but it's true, and they will.

Saying goodbye that last day was HARD. We all exchanged numbers, emails, facebook pages, etc. and promised to visit. But, everyone always promises to visit and it very rarely happens. These guys, they were real though.. and they did visit. We love them for that.

There was one guy, Ryan that actually visited quite frequently. He came on beach trips with us to Myrtle Beach and just came random weeks to hang out. To say he is awesome is a huge understatement. The understatement of the century actually. He is so talented, so fun to be around, loves God, and not to mention, he's pretty easy on the eyes (& he's single ladies!) We even actually joked around in Cancun that he looked like Colin Farrel.. that name stuck for quite some time. 

Why am I telling you this? Well, like I said.. the man is talented. Ryan can play the guitar and sing like no other. Some of my favorite times with him aren't when we were partying and not even when we were in Cancun, but those times we all just sat around and listened to him share his talents with us. 

A couple years ago I decided he could not waste this talent. He is so good the world needed to hear it. But what could lil' old me do? I did the best I could.. I made him a facebook page with a link to some of his music. We invited all of our friends which meant now we had friends from NC and OH listening. Eventually, this got him noticed. Now he has a fan page on Facebook you must check out. 

He is doing amazing now. He is playing on local radio stations in OH and later this year he is actually opening up for Mike Posner! AND a couple weeks ago he released his first music video! This was huge. The video is Ah-Mazing! You must check it out.

I could not be more proud of Ryan. He has made it so far and is going to do wonderful things with this talents. If you could please check out his facebook page (possibly make both of our days and 'like' it) and definitely listen to some of his songs and check out his music video I would la la la loooove you for it and I know Ryan would appreciate it and wrap each and every one of your in giant bear hugs if he could. Plus, if you like his fan page then you can get updates on all his upcoming shows.. you lucky, lucky Ohio ladies!

An acoustic version of Free Fallin by Ryan:

He is such a good person. How often to good things happen to good people? Not very often. But, we can help someones dreams come to with a click of a mouse and some word of mouth. 

You ladies are the best, SERIOUSLY! :)
I'll be sure to let you know when his CD is officially released because I know y'all are just DYING for a copy! :) I have been for years!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

L.L. Bean Signature Collection

I received the new L.L. Bean catalog in the mail a couple days ago and it had a mini section of their Signature Collection. I had no idea L.L. Bean even had a signature collection but, wow, it is pretty amazing. I went online to check it out and while it is a bit pricey, they are having a sale on their summer collection. Lucky for us, a lot of their summer collection can be easily transitioned into fall. In fact, many of their items actually look like they would be in their fall collection.

Take a look:

Leather Tote $174.99

Rayon Shirt $39.99

Most of these prices are almost 50% off! Aren't these pieces amazing? I love the colors and simplicity! I have always thought L.L. Bean had amazing quality but I never made too many purchases because I am not exactly the biggest outdoorsy person, so I am thrilled they have a signature line. They also have some wonderful clothing for men. 

Another perk? They have free shipping no matter how much you purchase! :)

As for fall? This has to be one of my favorite L.L. Bean Signature fall outfits:
Tie-Neck Crepe Shirt, Addison Mini Skirt

What other places have come out with signature collections that you love? I have noticed this is becoming quite a trend and while sometimes the pieces are so out of my price range it's a joke, I think this one is pretty reasonable for what they are offering, especially when they have a sale like this!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Great Shower Debate

I shower every other day, unless there is an obvious need for a shower unless I just feel the urge to feel squeaky clean or I need to wake myself up or get ready for a big event (for example). If I have not been sweating, outdoors, cleaning, etc. I typically just sit at a desk all day and then possibly go to a restaurant or sit on the couch. My day is not filled with much activity.

With this said, Andrew and I have had a debate going pretty much since day 1 that we started dating. He basically thinks I am disgusting for only showering every other day. Now mind you, I do not always shower every other day, but I definitely only wash my hair once a day unless I have a reason to (see above.). I have fairly dry skin and exposing my skin (and hair) to water and soap that much drys it out so much, no matter the amount of lotion I apply afterwards.

Let me give you some background though. Back to Andrew calling me disgusting.. 
When we first began dating he lived in an apartment with 2-3 other guys (depending on who decided to pass out in his pig sty that particular night) and let me tell you- I don't even think a pig would have lived in there. It took the word 'disgusting' to another level. Let's put it this way, after I showered in his mold infested shower which had no shower curtain, smelled of surfer, and lacked any sort of products besides a bar of soap, I actually felt more dirty than before I got in. 
and he calls me gross?

Now, Andrew does construction.. clearly, showering every day is probably a necessity. I sit behind a desk and answer the phone, exerting zero energy. 

He literally makes fun of me for this constantly and thinks I am one of the dirtiest people ever, because 'everyone showers every single day except you' and 'he's never met anyone but me that only showers every other day.' 

Lo and behold, 
The Great Shower Debate

Ladies, please help me out here. Am I just nasty or is this completely normal?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tugging on my Heart Strings

This morning I went to church with my parents. My cousins grandma (and aunts MIL) passed away early yesterday morning so my mom was looking through the friendship pad to write out a prayer request slip for them [which I would really appreciate if all of you would say a little prayer for their family as well :)]. When we write our prayer requests at our church we are supposed to place them in the offering plate but there was a prayer request from April still with the prayer request slips that had not yet been filled out.

Apparently, a little boy (I'm assuming) wrote a prayer request for his Aunt Tracey and didn't know you were supposed to put them in the offering plate. How sweet is that? He wanted her to have a happy new life. I am assuming (again) that nobody knew he wrote this or they would have informed him that it needed to be put in  the offering plate and because it seems he was a little confused on what to check. It broke my heart and warmed it at the same time when I saw this. I felt bad for him that it never got prayers or put in the church bulletin but at the same time it made me so happy that even as a child, he knew what prayer was and cared enough about his aunt to request it. You better believe that when it was time for silent prayer, I definitely said a prayer for Victor and his Aunt Tracey. 

Please, say a prayer for my Aunt, Uncle, cousins & family who lost someone dear to them this weekend, and if you could say a little prayer for Aunt Tracey, I know Victor would appreciate it :)

Happy Sunday Blog Friends!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elephant Appreciation Day

I can't believe I almost went the entire day without realizing it was Elephant Appreciation Day. For those of you  who know me, you know my obsession. For those of you who don't, let me just tell you, to say elephants are my favorite elephants would be a huge understatement. 

It all started when I was a little girl. My mom knew a couple who had a barn. They used this barn to house the elephants for Ringling Brothers circus while the circus was in Charlotte, NC. Whenever they had the elephants at their barn my mom would take me to visit them.. thus, starting my love affair for the huge, gentle animals. 

I have had numerous elephant stuffed animals, elephant printed baby blankets, I was obsessed with the movie Dumbo, and I loved watching them at the circus, while at the same time wishing I could save them from the horrible cages. 

In college, I took it to the next level. Hold your laughter, and don't judge me too harshly.

That would be my rib cage.


With that said, now that I am older, I realize how special these animals are, and how bad they need our help. Tens of thousands are being killed each year solely for the use of their ivory tusks. Even more are dying from not being able to handle the morning process of their newly dead family members and friends. They are helpless animals that desperately need our help.

files/images/FieldDiary/2011 Ivory Burn in Tsavo/IMG_0131.JPG  

Save the Elephants

Happy Elephant Appreciation Day :)
[and no, I won't judge you if you don't appreciate them quite as publicly as I do ;)]

Flirting with Temptation Thursday

Today I am linking up with Kori from Blonde Episodes for Flirting With Temptation Thursday.
Basically- You blog about anything you have been tempted with this week.

My personal temptation- all things PUMPKIN!
This happens every year around the fall season. I get a strong craving for all things pumpkin. The way it tastes, the way it smells, the colors... it is all wonderful and reminds of the cooler weather and the holidays to come. It is a happy time for all. 

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Candle

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Carving Pumpkins

Pumpkin Pie-- Mmm one of my fall favorites!

Fall Decorations

What is tempting you this week?
You can go ahead and add buying fall clothes to my list!
Go link up with Kori and join the fun!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesdays


Today I am linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple  for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays. 

I am completely obsessed with Pinterest, and since I have an annoying cold and am stuck in bed all day, I have been browsing Pinterest for some fall fashion ideas. 

So, without further-ado, my Pinterest Fall Style Pins:
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Source: via Trista Macaulay on Pinterest
I love this camel color paired with the stacked gold jewelry. I also love the comfy looking cow neck. So simple and yet, so adorable.
Source: via Pippa Sheele  on Pinterest
This look is so girly. I can't wait to pair my summer dresses with tights and boots. The cardigan and scarf give a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. 

Source:, via Natalie Parasi on Pinterest

I am a sucker for any outfit involving a colorful scarf and boots. Where can I find a scarf like this?
Source: via Kelsey Paris on Pinterest

This outfit is wonderful. I am so excited to wear all my dresses with tights. I have such an awesome collection of tights from last year and I can't wait to add to them. If you look closely you can see she is wearing an oxford underneath her shirt, I think this trend is going to be huge this fall. 

What fall trends are you looking forward to wearing? Are you looking for inspiration on Pinterest? I love it.. it is making me so excited for cooler weather!

Favorite Things Swap

Last week, I was lucky enough to participate in a Favorite Things Swap hosted by Leeann at Join the Gossip. Leeann paired us with another blogger and we were instructed to spend around $20 [before shipping] on some of our favorite things and ship it off for them to enjoy. I was paired with Leanna, a lovely blogger from DC. Ladies, she hooked it up. I couldn't have been more thrilled with I opened her package! 

I must apologize for the fact that these pictures were taken on my bed. I was hoping to showcase the polish on my nails, the coffee mug with coffee steaming from it, etc. but I have had the worst cold for the past couple of days and just couldn't get around to it. 

I loved everything Leanna sent me! It was as if she knew me! 

First of all, she sent me the most adorable card explaining her reasoning for sending each item and why it was one of her favorite things. I thought that was a very special touch and really enjoyed getting to know her through it. 

Leanna sent me a coffee mug, which I loved. It not only is in one of my favorite colors but it is a larger coffee mug, which I am obsessed with. After reading her card I realized we both share a love for coffee! 

She also sent me a polka dot koozie. When I lived at my old apartment we had a koozie drawer where we put all our collected koozies. I absolutely love them. Aside from that, it is polka dot which makes it even more adorable.

Leanna sent me the most adorable pale pink polish from OPI which I hope to eventually show off to you ladies as soon as I'm well. I love pale pinks, they are perfect all times of the year and go with everything.

She also sent me a journal to write down little blog ideas I have through out the day. This was something I have been needing. I have been storing my blog ideas in a memo on my phone for months so this will definitely come in handy!

One of my favorite items she sent me was a pack of stationary. I love writing snail mail, especially since I moved away from my college roommates. This stationary is beautiful and I can't wait to put it to good use.

Lastly, Leanna sent me her favorite chocolate bar.. which was completely liquefied by the time it got to me. But, chocolate is chocolate. I put that sucker in the freezer and ate it anyways and it was DELICIOUS. 

Thank you so much Leanna for sending me all of your favorite things. I loved each and every one of them! Everyone should definitely check out Leanna's blog, OMG I'm Back In DC,  if you haven't already! She is such a sweetie and has definitely become a daily read of mine as soon as I discovered her through this fun swap!

Sorry it's been so long ladies, I am in fact still alive, and plan to be back to blogging regularly soon!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Valentines Plans

Yes, you read that correctly. I already have made plans for Valentines Day 2012 (Andrew, I hope you don't mind!). I will be at my local movie theatre that night watching this movie and swooning over the fact that my favorite actress is starring in a movie with one of my favorite actors!

The Vow

Premiering Valentines Day 2012

Random story: Andrew and I went to see The Help on opening day and this was one of the previews. Literally a couple days before we saw this preview Andrew called me in the morning saying he had an awful dream. He had dreamed that I got in an accident and couldn't remember who he was and he kept trying to convince me he was my boyfriend but I couldn't remember. Then we saw this preview, with my favorite actors, acting our his dream! 
Life is funny sometimes, isn't it?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Don't throw up quite yet. It is so delicious.

When I was living in Wilmington, NC we had a delicious cupcake bakery called Coastal Cupcakes. One evening a guy friend of mine brought a bunch of cupcakes over for us to try. I stress that a guy brought cupcakes because you can only imagine the random flavors we had to chose from. One of them was this beauty. I decided it was the easiest to swallow since I could just pick the bacon off the top and have a simple chocolate cupcake. Thankfully, I was wrong and it still didn't taste like a simple chocolate cupcake. Ladies, this little booger was DELICIOUS. Has it ever been that time of the month and you just wish someone would dip some lays in chocolate so you can have both your sweet and your salty at the same dang time? This cupcake is basically a lays dipped in chocolate, but.. different.. and better. I know, it's kinda a crazy combo and you probably think I am a little crazy right now, but trust me, if you try it you won't be let down. 
Think McGriddle, but a cupcake.
nom. nom. nom.

Enjoy. :)