Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting Ready to Move

It's been a sad couple of days here at the apartment. As I have mentioned in previous posts, we are moving on Sunday. This means that there has been a lot of packing, cleaning, and "I can't believe this is happening" moments. The Uhaul gets here tomorrow and 3 years of college memories with some great girls and our amazing friends are about to be packed away and shipped off to our new homes (mine happens to be at my parents home). A huge thank you to my wonderful Mama, loving Auntie Sandy, and always amazing boyfriend for coming tomorrow morning to provide me with lots of hugs, tissues, and helping hands!

Here is what I have been up to:
Playing with this adorable pup. We have had Lola all summer and she's such a prissy little sweetheart!


And more packing...

And nearly crying over my now empty closet..

Last night the girls and I went to our final Thursday night together at the beach bars. It was bittersweet saying our final goodbyes to friends but I am so happy we went. If I didn't get that opportunity to give those final hugs and see the people I spent every waking second with for the past 3 year I would have really regretted it. I have had the best college experience ever and it is completely because of the people I chose to surround myself with. I love each and every one of you! :)

22 North- One of the 4 Wrightsville Beach beach bars- Lots of memories in this place!

Alli, Jordan, & I
Friends :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and ends up having a lot more fun than I am going to be having!
[Negative Nancy- I know, I know.]

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Didn't I Think of That??

I was stumbling around and came across this website that has genius ideas that should totally be implemented ASAP. These ideas would make life so much easier. 
All ideas come from here.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Cupcake Tupperware

For when you need to plug in another big plug with you hair dryer..
how annoying does that get??!!

This is just awesome. I have tried to read so many times when laying out on my stomach and it just NEVER works out.

More grip? Yes, please. Especially after you have applied lotion or sunscreen.. it's nearly impossible to get those lids off!

I don't really know how useful this is, but it's pretty cool.

Is this genius or just dangerous? I can't decide..

A cutting board that shows you the weight of what you are cutting.. SO. COOL.

Which one of these would you like to have?? Or do you have a genius idea that should be invented ASAP?

I personally have always wanted to invent squeezable sour cream.. that dollop of daisy crap just gets stuck to my tacos and bake potatoes too much. I've heard it's already been invented.. but I have never seen it so I'm sticking with the fact that I am a genius. :)

Tomorrow is Friday! Yayyy! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Classic Tea Party

I think there is something magical about tea parties. When I was in elementary school one of my friends had their birthday parties at La-Tea-Das, which is now an event planning and catering company as well (also- my dream company to work for..). Anyways, we were allowed to dress up, have a tea party equipped with little snacks and drinks, and we felt like adults for the day. It was so wonderful and has definitely stuck out as one of the great memories from my childhood. 

I started thinking- I would really like to host a tea party.

My Inspirations:

Photo Via

Photo Via

Photo Via

Photo Via

Photo Via

Photo Via
Photo Via

Photo Via

Anyone want to come over for a spot of tea? :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Not Goodbye- It's See Ya Later

I have been tied at the hip with two very special girls for around 3 years now.. my roommates. Alli and Jordan and I live together in an adorable yet always slightly messy apartment on "Melba" (our infamous street name). This is all about to come to an end on Sunday. We are being given the boot July 31 so the next totally not as cool tenants can move in. Alli, Jordan, and I have seen each other through some of the most difficult times of our life. We have adjusted to being alone together, held each other when we cried over boys, dealt with each others family drama.. but most importantly we have made each other happy. I have laughed so much with those girls I have literally peed my pants (don't judge me). We have pigged out together so many times it's embarrassing and have definitely seen each other under the worst conditions (in our defense there is NO time to shower during finals and sometimes it IS okay to justify taking a swim for a shower.. right?). Anyways, I want them to know how much I love and care about them and how thankful I am that they have always been there for me no matter how bratty, catty, and just plain grumpy I have been (Jordan? Alli? Do you guys even read my blog?). 

Regardless.. these girls are my sisters and I will never, ever forget the times we had together. I could not have asked under any circumstances to spend every waking college moment with anyone better.

Now is when I could write about our times together, every inside joke we have ever had, that embarrassing thing that happened once upon a time or the time we all almost killed each other.. but instead, I will just leave you with some pictures of the people that kept me in motivated, happy, and always had my back. I am going to be sad to leave you both :( 

[Confession: I cried a little when looking through all my pictures. I couldn't have asked for a better college experience. Thank to Alli and Jordan and everyone else who made my time at UNCW so amazing. I am going to cherish the memories I made with each and every one of you]


Monday, July 25, 2011

I have THE best news!!!

Okay, well it may not be the best news ever but it's pretty freaking awesome news. If you looked back in your lifetime (especially all you 20-something's out there) what television shows were you absolutely obsessed with and wish were still airing?

Did you just answer Nickelodeon shows from the 90's?
[Because I totally did..]

 Well good news fellow bloggers and secret readers.. starting in the fall of this year Nickelodeon is starting what they call  'The 90's are All That.' They will be airing some of the 90's most popular and still lusted after t.v. shows in their 12-2am slot. 

Where did this come from? 
How did this miracle happen?
Behold.. the power of the internet. Thanks to social networking sites Nickelodeon has come across so many fan clubs that are dedicated solely to being a fan of 90's Nick shows and have since decided to bring them back for all their loyal and nostalgic 20-somethings. Right now there are only 6 of the shows that are definitely going to air but Nickelodeon is still thinking about the possibility of adding more. 

The 6 shows are...
( I know the anticipation has been killing you..) 

Clarissa Explains It All
 In the series, Clarissa Darling, a teen girl, breaks forth the wall and describes the things that are happening in her life (dealing with typical pre-adolescent concerns such as school, boys, pimples and an annoying little brother) to the television audience.  
[ Synopsis taken from Wikipedia]

The Adventures of Pete & Pete
The show featured humorous and surreal elements in its narrative, and many recurring themes centered on two brothers both named Pete Wrigley, and their various interactions with family, friends, and enemies.  
[Synopsis taken from Wikipedia]

All That
An American live-action, comedy-variey show that aired on the Nickelodeon Cable Netowork featuring short comedic sketches and weekly musical guests.  
[Synopsis taken from Wikipedia]

Kenan and Kel
The show was set in Chicago, Illinois and centered on the antics of two mischievous teenagers, Kenan Rockmore and Kel Kimble. Kenan is a high school student with a job at a local grocery store, while Kel is his clumsy, orange soda loving best friend
[Synopsis taken from Wikipedia]

The Amanda Show
The show was a spin-off from All That, in which Bynes co-starred years earlier. It featured quirky commercials and mini comedic sketches.

The show focuses on eight babies, as well as a dog, and their day-to-day lives, usually involving common life experiences that become adventures in the babies' imaginations
[Synopsis taken from Wikipedia]

What do you think of their line-up? I love all those shows! I remember watching Rugrats with my mom non-stop as a kid and I loved Clarissa Explains It All. Although- I would like to see Are You Afraid of the Dark since I was always too chicken when I was a kid to actually uncover my eyes long enough to watch it and Salute your Shorts was another all-time favorite of mine. But, I'll take what I can get.
HOW AWESOME IS THIS? I'm personally busting with excitement and already planning to set my DVR to everything Nick between 12-2am (girls gotta get her beauty rest!).

I hope this helped heal your Monday Blues!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Leighton Meester Style

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I spent the weekend lounging on a boat and watching 'Red Riding Hood' and 'Beastly' with my two best girlfriends. Sorry no pictures, I promise to get my butt in gear and get my camera fixed soon!

Anyways, I was browsing online and came across some pictures of Leighton Meester [from Country Strong, Gossip Girl, Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Gone Bad"].

Leighton in Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf

We all know she has amazing unrealistic style in Gossip Girl but have you seen any of her street style? It's pretty amazing as well.. and a lot more realistic for day to day life.

Photo via 

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via

Photo via

Isn't her style perfect? It's simple and classic, yet she takes chances and always looks put together and gorgeous.

On another note.. I think the family that lives above my apartment have purchased sumo wrestling suits and are practicing their skills at all hours of the night. Or- at least that's what it sounds like.
Dear People upstairs,
Please shut up. You are really cutting into my beauty sleep.

I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing Sunday. I am going to start packing up my apartment today. I'm moving back to Charlotte next weekend to begin my big girl job hunting. Oh joy.