Tuesday, December 20, 2011

As Of Lately..

First things first- I just ate the most humongous plate of pasta. Not even joking, I wish I would have taken a picture of it before hand to show you my intake but I had no plans of actually finishing it off! 

If you haven't noticed, I have been MIA for a couple different reasons.
1. It's the holiday season
I've been shopping, wrapping, planning, and EATING!
2. I got a job!

That's right- I got a job! It may be temporary for now (at least 6 months) but I am so happy to be getting a pay check soon! I have been there almost 2 weeks and while the hours are rough (I wake up at 6am and don't get home until around 6pm) having that first pay check in my hands will be worth it!
This should explain me missing.. I am slowly but surely getting used to the hours but it may take a while. At first I would get home from work and completely crash.. now I can stay up a few hours.. but not many.

The job I have has nothing to do with my degree.. 
I wanted to do event planning or public relations (I know- like every other girl in the world) but I am now doing odds and ends around a mortgage company. Don't get me wrong- I am thankful for the opportunity and the fact that I have a job in general (and I may love it eventually) but for now it is a bit discouraging to have a temp job. 
I am blessed. I am lucky to have a job. But- this is my blog and I can cry a wee little bit if I want to.

Now that I got that off my shoulders, explained my MIA-ness, and can finally stay up past 8am, I will hopefully be back to my regular blogging soon!

I have been reading y'alls blogs.. really, I have. Sometimes the office is slow and out comes blogger but I read it on my phone so I haven't been able to comment much or write my own posts. But no worries, I am still at stalker status and know pretty much everything going on in your lives! 

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Happy Christmas week everyone. May your work week go by as fast as I pray mine does!

Jessica Nicole


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