Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Recipes

I have come to realize that a lot of the blogs I read are written by wonderful young ladies who have recently gotten married, bought a new house, or just had their first little one.
Besides the obvious question of why you guys are leaving me in the dust in single gal limbo, I am dying to know if any of you are hosting your first Thanksgiving!
[If you are, more power to ya- I'll stick with going to the g-rents for as long as possible!]

If by chance you are tackling your first Thanksgiving feast in a mere 9 days, I gathered some recipes that might be helpful to yall brave ladies!

Every year I make my special cornbread to bring to my Nana's house. Everyone loves it and I look forward to making the delicious, but very easy, recipe year after year. I wrote a post about it here which includes the directions.

[Click on the titles above the pictures for the recipe!]

Some other things I pile on my plate:
[via Southernliving.com]

Thanksgiving Dinner Side Dishes: Sweet Potato Casserole Recipes

Thanksgiving Dinner Side Dishes: Golden Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Perfect Mashed Potatoes Recipes

Best Cookies Recipes: Pecan Squares Recipes

Of course I decide to write this post the day I forget to bring my lunch to my internship. All I have is a banana and my mouth is watering from these pictures. There are so many more sides that make Thanksgiving what it is, like my beloved green bean casserole, but I just couldn't take going through anymore delicious pictures to find a recipe to die for! 

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I hope this helps everyone get a jump start on planning their Thanksgiving meals! Andrew and I have to go to 3 different gatherings on Thanksgiving day (one for lunch and two for dinner!). Last year we were in a food coma around 5pm and barely made it.. hopefully this year we will plan better and ration ourselves.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Jessica Nicole


  1. lots of tasty ideas!

    (btw,i read/follow a lot of blogs that are of married women/families and i am single too lol.)


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