Thursday, November 17, 2011

Little Smiles on a Thursday

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I would like to live on a farm and have cats and cows and a husband that does this.

Too much to ask for?

Okay. Fine. I'll settle for having a cat that attacks me in my sleep, a boyfriend that would rather eat the cow than milk it, and a brick house on a busy road. 

Le Sigh.

Jessica Nicole


  1. LOL.. this post made me giggle. I love the picture. I'm right with you on wanting that (in my dream world.) Love the blog!

  2. that photo is too amazing hahaha!
    i just stumbled upon your blog! I sell a print in my shop that says "she believed she could so she did"!! xox

  3. I do not think that is too much to ask for! I love it!

  4. Good luck out there in CubicleVille.


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