Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From Jessica @ Southern in the City

Hey gals!

I decided I needed a change.. so I made it happen. 
Do you likey?

Southern in the City was just something that came to me randomly and without much thought. It seemed clever at the time but.. I wasn't feeling it. Also, my actually URL was something totally different as well. Basically my blog was a giant hodgepodge my randomness and indecisiveness. 

I am not sure how everything switches over so please add this to your reads if it hasn't moved over on its on!

Where did I get the name?
Well, I just graduated college and I have found it is really easy to get discouraged when looking for a job. So, my life there after college and being positive is definitely an inspiration. Also, I used to totally not believe in love.. Andrew changed that and now I feel as though we are helping each other along in this big old world and believing in ourselves and each other is a huge part of that. Lastly, life in general. We should always believe in ourselves and in those that are special to us.

Stay positive. Believe in yourself. Encourage the dreams of others.
Wouldn't the world be such a better place if we all followed those 3 rules?

Beyond the meaning of the title.. I needed a cleaner blog. I wanted it to flow better and not have a giant picture at the top. Basically this was a learn as you go type thing and I believe I am really happy with the turnout thus far. 

I hope you all like it and continue to follow! :) We all need a change every once in a while! 

Again, please change whatever is necessary to continue following! I don't want to lose a single one of you in cyberspace!

Jessica Nicole


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