Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Bad Morning & A Baby in a Bar

First off, I woke up this morning and my blackberry was DEAD.. like, real dead.. never waking up again, should be buried 6 feet under, kind of dead. OUT OF NOWHERE! Needless to say, I was less than happy. I assumed it just needed a new battery, so I woke up an hour early to run by Verizon before work... It wasn't the battery. I needed a whole new friggin phone. I have insurance, but do they make mine anymore? Nope. I have an upgrade but did that stop me from having to clean out my bank account? Nope. I ended up having to pay $270 for a new blackberry. It was the cheapest one.. and it's touch screen. I for the life of me can't text on a touch screen and being as I have an unpaid internship and only work a real job 2 days a week.. goodbye Christmas presents (just a heads up fam!). 
No contacts, no pictures, no apps..terrible :(
Okay, well that's my rant. 
Did I mention I was going to buy the new iPhone 4s when it became available in stores with my Christmas money? Welp, there goes that idea.. now I am stuck with this stupid phone. 
Okay, seriously, now my rant is over.

I should be happy to even have the money to spend on a phone and I should be glad I even have a phone in general.. and it's nice.. it was just very unexpected and but a giant damper in my plan.. and bank account!

So now to the better part of the post. 
Yall said you wanted the bad news first, right?
This isn't good news by any means but it's way more interesting than my problems.
Remember that part in Sweet Home Alabama where Reese is in the bar and she see's her friends and goes (in her adorable country accent), 'You have a baby.... IN A BAR...!' 
That part always cracked me up. Her friend goes, "Yeah.. this ones on the tit so I can drag it around everywhere!" (or something of that nature..). 

Well, it's not so funny when you actually see a baby in a bar.
Exhibit A: Last night for Monday night football-

This was a newborn yall. We had to be sneaky taking the pic so you can't really see it (the bar is a complete square and he was on the other side- that's the bartender in the middle). Anyways, if you didn't believe I was southern already, I bet you do now that you have seen this picture! Old man, cowboy hat, holding a baby, at a bar. This wasn't an old person bar and it wasn't early. I would say 99% of the people in this bar were around the ages 21-30 and it was about 10pm when this picture was taken. Also- when we left around 11pm, the child was still present. 

Is this not illegal? It should be! I know you can't smoke inside anymore but it's a BAR for goodness sakes.. there are fights, loud music, lots of drinking, etc. Not to mention, this guy was making his baby dance like a puppet to 'All the Single Ladies' at one point. 

I get that it's your kid, and you should raise it how you think fit, but REALLY?

Poor kid. 

Also- in other news, I won a scarf that MarleyLilly was giving away on Twitter! I was so excited because I definitely didn't expect to win (I never win anything!). I got the tweet from them announcing that I was the winner while I was at said bar and had no one to brag to it about except the boys.. they were uninterested so I had to tell yall! I picked out the red scarf with a silver monogram. Perfect for Christmas! I will definitely post a picture when I receive it! Thanks MarleyLilly!

Tomorrows Hump Day-- we're almost half way there!

Jessica Nicole


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