Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

What to blog about?
Oh Thursday.. please be over soon so it will be Friday and then Halloween!
Is it just me or does it seem like the older we get.. the weeks seem longer and the weekends are gone in the blink of an eye?
That's not even the slightest bit cool.

So anyways, I'm going to do a random post on random things because this is my blog and I do what I want. 
[Hang in there. I'm bored.]

Tuesday night nobody was home at mi casa and I was bored out of my mind (do we see a pattern here..) and I realized that we have had my puppy for a couple years now and I couldn't remember ever having a little par-tay for the thing! So, I decided to stage some pictures for the poor thing so when she grows up she won't think we are the worst puppy parents ever.

Oh little Izzy. You and my sweet kitty make my heart melt even if everyone tells me you look like a little rat! 

SO! Last night Andrew gave me a belated birthday present.
wait for it....
drum roll..........


and here is me sporting them at work. 

I look so busy. I'm blogging.. about my dogs fake impromptu birthdays.. at work.

Moving right along..

There is a TCBY right near my house. This is both awesome and completely bad news. Andrew and I go there.. 2-3 times a week. There is this one flavor they have ever couple of months that I literally want to have relations with every time we walk in and I see it. POMEGRANATE. I die. It is so delicious. 
Well, guess what they had this week? 


I literally ate so much.. could have had 5 more bowls. 
This is no joke ladies, I literally woke up the next morning and thought to myself in the shower, "I wonder what time TCBY opens. I would love to eat that for breakfast." 
That is disgusting. I have an addiction.

I got my halloween costume. I went to Halloween Express yesterday and picked it up for a whopping 10 bucks! It was normally $59.99 and was on sale for $9.99! I did not care what it was, how it fit, or anything.. all I knew was it was the cheapest full costume in there and I was going to make it work.
It's supposed to be Paris Hilton in jail.. 

it came equipped with this wig.

There is a very small chance I will actually wear the wig or sport the little dog with the costume. So, I think I am just going to be a 'jailbird'. 
How original right?
Hey, 10 bucks, remember?

P.S. I used to be blonde in middle school. My eye brows were still this lovely brunette color. Why did I have friends?

Okay ladies, I think I might try to make use of this work day now. 

Happy Thursday!

By the way- I am thinking I need a blog change. Have you ladies worked with anyone you absolutely loved to make your blog beauuutiful? I need someone with decent prices.. my bank account ain't nothin to brag about right now if ya know what I'm sayin!


  1. just came across your blog..very nice. your blog is adorable and your gift is so nice..yahhh for october bdays...i just celebrated mine!

  2. Love that bracelet, girl! Check out my blog--I gave yours an award! :)

  3. LOL No worries girl I blog at work too!

  4. Those pearl bracelet is beautiful.

    Heel in Mint

  5. The pearl necklace is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! what a great gift!

  6. Love that necklase=)Gorgeous..
    Im a new follower, check out my blog in return=)Xoxo


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