Friday, October 28, 2011

If you like Pinterest...

I think you will love this new website I came across tonight.
Let me also add that if you love shopping and Pinterest.

This site is just like Pinterest, except everything is available for purchase. The best part is, a lot of it is really inexpensive and really unique. I am so glad I stumbled upon it right before I began my Christmas shopping. I feel like I get my friends and family such predictable things year after year but with this website and Etsy, I am hoping to get them unique gifts that will make them smile from ear to ear.

Okay, enough teasing, the website is...

I have to confess, earlier I said it was a new site.. but really, I have no idea. It may have been around for years before I discovered it and yall might just be shaking your head.. but it's new to me and it is aw-uh-some! It even has 'pin boards' like Pinterest titled "Gifts", "My Wish List", etc. 

Here are some of the cool things I came across today: 

A virtual laser keyboard for Ipad/Iphone 

Owl Corkscrew

Makes your room look like an ocean!

Make separate mini cakes!

I need this. So awesome and way less clean up!

I know a couple Harry Potter friends that would love to have this cookbook!

These are just a few of the random things I came across in the Home & Office section but they have tons of adorable clothes and so much more! If you can't find something for everyone on your Christmas list then that  is cray-cray! Skip the black Friday sales and the hustle and bustle of the malls during Christmas time and check out this website first! Your friends and family will thank you.

By the way- so sorry if this website is 'SO last year' haha

It's FRIDAY! Whoop, Whoop!


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