Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Friends!

Is it just me, or does it not even feel like Halloween? The older I get, the less excited I become when this holiday rolls around. It used to be my all time favorite and now I would just assume snuggling up with a scary movie and some apple cider. 

Saturday night, Andrew and I seriously considered doing just that. 
But I had already bought a costume, and that thing was a whole 10 bucks so I pretty much had to put it to good use. I got ready as Andrew watched football and argued with me about how he wasn't going to dress up.
Whatever. I caved and told him I didn't care if he did or not.

Thirty minutes later, we get to my friend Daves, and everyone is dressed up. Naturally we took random things around the house to try and make-shift Andrew a costume. He ended up being what we called a 'mexican, indian, hippie'.. or something of that nature.

To celebrate, we went to a nearby bar where they were having a Halloween costume contest (this assured us that we wouldn't be the only losers dressed up). The prize was $250 for best costume.. based on audience applause.

Guess who won?
My loser mexican indian hippie boyfriend.
We signed him up as a joke, cheered super loud, and when he won, he paid all of our bar taps and walked out a couple hundred dollars richer.
So Random.

Thankfully, Andrew didn't actually wear those, but it was hilarious.

I was a prisoner and then, there's Andrew.
The quality of these pictures is absolutely awful..

Our friends dog, he was a bumblebee but hated his costume so we took it off!

 Dave, AKA Rocky, gets a hand from the Mexican Drug Dealer. 
Keepin' it classy yall.

Tonight, I am planning on taking it easy. After work today, I am going to see Footloose with my mom, aunt, and little cousins. I am SO excited. I have been wanting to see this movie when it first came out and haven't found a chance. Then later, I hope I get to see my little nieces dressed up in their costumes and take a million pictures to document their cuteness. 

Happy Halloween everyone! If you're going out tonight to celebrate, have fun & stay safe!


  1. I felt the same way about Halloween this year and was shocked when I didn't feel like dressing up. Hope that doesn't mean I am getting old-I mean I trick or treated all the way through my senior year in hs! I LOVED your bf costume and that he won is hilarious!!!

  2. I feel the exact same about Halloween.. trying reallyyyy hard to get in the spirit. Can't wait for you to see Footloose! You'll love it, I'm sure. Make sure and let us know your thoughts :)

  3. I am older now & I still enjoy the holidays just the same as I always have since a little girl. We always do all kinds of things throughout the whole month such as hayrides, movies, cider, pumpkin patches & so much more.... You two looked cute dressed up :) Have a great week! & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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