Thursday, September 29, 2011

You've Gotta Hear This

It's kind of a funny story..

My senior year of high school a couple friends and I convinced our parents (thanks mom & dad!) to let us go to Cancun for spring break. Little did we know, we were about the add to our already close knit group of friends. A couple days into our vacation we met some really awesome guys at the pool. They were just like us.. except from Ohio. We ended up spending every single waking second with these guys for the rest of the week. We all became instant best friends. The kind of friends you can count on, even if they are states away. It seems crazy to say that we knew instantly these friends would last a lifetime, but it's true, and they will.

Saying goodbye that last day was HARD. We all exchanged numbers, emails, facebook pages, etc. and promised to visit. But, everyone always promises to visit and it very rarely happens. These guys, they were real though.. and they did visit. We love them for that.

There was one guy, Ryan that actually visited quite frequently. He came on beach trips with us to Myrtle Beach and just came random weeks to hang out. To say he is awesome is a huge understatement. The understatement of the century actually. He is so talented, so fun to be around, loves God, and not to mention, he's pretty easy on the eyes (& he's single ladies!) We even actually joked around in Cancun that he looked like Colin Farrel.. that name stuck for quite some time. 

Why am I telling you this? Well, like I said.. the man is talented. Ryan can play the guitar and sing like no other. Some of my favorite times with him aren't when we were partying and not even when we were in Cancun, but those times we all just sat around and listened to him share his talents with us. 

A couple years ago I decided he could not waste this talent. He is so good the world needed to hear it. But what could lil' old me do? I did the best I could.. I made him a facebook page with a link to some of his music. We invited all of our friends which meant now we had friends from NC and OH listening. Eventually, this got him noticed. Now he has a fan page on Facebook you must check out. 

He is doing amazing now. He is playing on local radio stations in OH and later this year he is actually opening up for Mike Posner! AND a couple weeks ago he released his first music video! This was huge. The video is Ah-Mazing! You must check it out.

I could not be more proud of Ryan. He has made it so far and is going to do wonderful things with this talents. If you could please check out his facebook page (possibly make both of our days and 'like' it) and definitely listen to some of his songs and check out his music video I would la la la loooove you for it and I know Ryan would appreciate it and wrap each and every one of your in giant bear hugs if he could. Plus, if you like his fan page then you can get updates on all his upcoming shows.. you lucky, lucky Ohio ladies!

An acoustic version of Free Fallin by Ryan:

He is such a good person. How often to good things happen to good people? Not very often. But, we can help someones dreams come to with a click of a mouse and some word of mouth. 

You ladies are the best, SERIOUSLY! :)
I'll be sure to let you know when his CD is officially released because I know y'all are just DYING for a copy! :) I have been for years!


  1. loooooved the 1st video!!! :] so talented!!!!

  2. I'll have to wait till my lunch break to watch these, but thats a really fun story! Sounds like he and his friends are really good guys, and Im happy for him that he is doing well.

  3. What a great group! Life is all about relationships/community! He sounds like a superstar:-) xoxo

  4. Wow that's awesome! Love the video.

    Great blog!



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