Tuesday, September 27, 2011

L.L. Bean Signature Collection

I received the new L.L. Bean catalog in the mail a couple days ago and it had a mini section of their Signature Collection. I had no idea L.L. Bean even had a signature collection but, wow, it is pretty amazing. I went online to check it out and while it is a bit pricey, they are having a sale on their summer collection. Lucky for us, a lot of their summer collection can be easily transitioned into fall. In fact, many of their items actually look like they would be in their fall collection.

Take a look:

Leather Tote $174.99

Rayon Shirt $39.99

Most of these prices are almost 50% off! Aren't these pieces amazing? I love the colors and simplicity! I have always thought L.L. Bean had amazing quality but I never made too many purchases because I am not exactly the biggest outdoorsy person, so I am thrilled they have a signature line. They also have some wonderful clothing for men. 

Another perk? They have free shipping no matter how much you purchase! :)

As for fall? This has to be one of my favorite L.L. Bean Signature fall outfits:
Tie-Neck Crepe Shirt, Addison Mini Skirt

What other places have come out with signature collections that you love? I have noticed this is becoming quite a trend and while sometimes the pieces are so out of my price range it's a joke, I think this one is pretty reasonable for what they are offering, especially when they have a sale like this!


  1. I have noticed this lately too! Can you believe this is LL bean?!?!?! It's so chic!

  2. I am in LOVE with that skirt and blouse.. dang it all! now I must find it lol.

  3. Wow I haven't looked at L.L. Bean's stuff in a while and it's totally not what I remembered! I love this last look!


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