Monday, September 12, 2011

Let's Play a Game

Remember that game you used to play (probably as a kid) when you would ask someone "Would you rather..." and then name two things they had to pick from? Guys sometimes play this game at our expense involving a "Would you rather have sex with Suzie or Molly?" type thing. Go figure. I was thinking today how addictive and hilarious that little game is. My college roommates played it a couple times in the privacy of our own apartment so we wouldn't get made fun of. It helps pass the time and definitely gets you thinking. 

Let's Play. I'll give my answers.. please reply with a couple of yours!
[I found these all online. Don't judge, ladies ;)]

Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with
               two wet dogs   or  two fat men w/bad breath
A: Two wet dogs. Animal lover, can't help it!

Would you rather be able to 
read minds         or          fly
A: Read minds, if I could turn it off whenever I wanted. No Sooki Stackhouse here!

Would you rather have 
$10,000,000     or          true love
A: True love. Of course. 

Would you rather look like a
toothless hungry cow     or     a laughing horse
A: Yikes. I guess a horse. That cow tongue is plain disgusting.

Would you rather 
never speak again or say everything on your mind
A: Say everything on my mind. It might get me in trouble or make me feel awkward but I can't imagine not speaking again. I feel as though I am pretty out spoken as it is. 

Would you rather be
rich and miserable   or   poor and happy
[side note: he doesn't look very happy nor does the other guy look very miserable, but I have had about enough of google images for one day! haha]
A: POOR AND HAPPY! Happiness is so much more important than money!

Would you rather take a 
shower or a bath
A: shower

Would you rather sleep in a 
cold room or sleep in a hot room
A: cold room, I can't sleep when it's hot!

After you die, would you rather be
hatefully remembered or completely forgotten
A: both are so sad! But, I suppose completely forgotten.

Would you rather be stuck on a desert island with 
four people you hate or completely alone
A: four people I hate. I don't like being alone AT ALL!

Some of these are pretty hard! What would you rather do?


  1. This is so fun! I think I might have to try one of these. Happy Monday! XO


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