Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Makes me Nostalgic

Many of you probably know that I graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington (on the coast), but you probably don't know that as a freshman I went to Appalachian State University (in the mountains). I only lasted a semester there. I joined a sorority, which I ended up hating. After talking to my other friends I realized that the prices and rules put upon us were so much stricter and more expensive than any other college sororities. We have mandatory events at least 3 times a week and school has always come first for me. So, being that the only friends I have made in college were my sorority sisters and everyone that went to the local (pretty much all frat bar that I could no longer show my face in after I quit) when I quit my sorority I became very lonely and homesick. When ASU started having blizzards around the first of November, I was GONE.

Of course, there were things I missed. I missed the girls I had met, I missed the football games, I missed the small town, and I missed the mountains (when it wasn't snowing)! Now, I do believe that had my sorority not been so 'motherly', expensive, and strict, and had I not been living in a closet sized dorm with another girl sans air conditioning, and had I not had to walk to my 8am classes in a blizzard most mornings.. I might still be there.

There are times I look back and get nostalgic. I absolutely loved Wilmington and the memories I made there. I truly believe that is where I was meant to be. I do wish I would have started there. I could have made more friends, joined a sorority, and just had an all over better college experience. But I was blessed to experience both, to make friends from both, and to have the opportunity to go to college in general.

When fall comes around, I begin to feel nostalgic about App State. I miss the football games, the leaves changing, and the delicious food. I am the kind of person that when I leave a big part of my life, I don't like to go back. I get more depressed than anything and it's not even really worth it (I have yet to go back to App since freshman year and I haven't visited Wilmington since I graduated- I'm scared to).

ASU- Isn't it beautiful?

After three years though, I think I might be ready to go back to App. All of my friends (I am assuming) have graduated and I miss the delicious food. Mountain towns have some of the best restaurants! I am hoping to make it up to App to see the leaves changing and eat at some of my favorite restaurants some time this fall. I would really like to go with Andrew, I think he could keep me happy instead of letting me get down in the dumps. Plus, showing him all the places I went and things I did in college could keep me busy and might even be a little fun. Those times were before Andrew and I even met and I haven't really ever mentioned anything about those days to him. I want to be able to share every aspect of my life with him, and I guess it's as good a time as ever to show him that one.

Wow, what a long post. I guess I had a lot more to get off my chest than I thought.
If you made it this far, good job!
Here are some pictures from my freshman year at ASU to reward you! :)

Caddy Shack Mixer

My roomie in Wilmington came to visit! We had no idea we would both be there and living together the very next year :)

Homecoming BonFire

My room, my roommate, and our mess.
See why I couldn't live here?!

Dressed in ASU colors at the local bar to watch the football game

My birthday night :)

This guy was the sweetest man I've ever met. After everything happened and I was down in the dumps, he always tried to make me smile. Probably the best friend I made at ASU. He is going to make one girl VERY happy one day.. such a southern gentleman.

Hope all you ladies have a happy Labor Day weekend! :) We don't have any plans really except to relax. We might attend a local festival Saturday. We were going to go to the beach with my parents and grandparents but Andrew has to do his fantasy draft Sunday and we all know how "important" that is. Ha, boys will be boys.


  1. great post... I went through a very similar experience here at ECU... I pledged a sorority and absolutely freakin' hated my life during those few months. LONG LONG story but if you wanna laugh check out this post -


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