Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Don't throw up quite yet. It is so delicious.

When I was living in Wilmington, NC we had a delicious cupcake bakery called Coastal Cupcakes. One evening a guy friend of mine brought a bunch of cupcakes over for us to try. I stress that a guy brought cupcakes because you can only imagine the random flavors we had to chose from. One of them was this beauty. I decided it was the easiest to swallow since I could just pick the bacon off the top and have a simple chocolate cupcake. Thankfully, I was wrong and it still didn't taste like a simple chocolate cupcake. Ladies, this little booger was DELICIOUS. Has it ever been that time of the month and you just wish someone would dip some lays in chocolate so you can have both your sweet and your salty at the same dang time? This cupcake is basically a lays dipped in chocolate, but.. different.. and better. I know, it's kinda a crazy combo and you probably think I am a little crazy right now, but trust me, if you try it you won't be let down. 
Think McGriddle, but a cupcake.
nom. nom. nom.

Enjoy. :)


  1. All I can say is...interesting. Very interesting!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. I'll take one now! That picture looks delicious! Salty and sweet perfection.


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