Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salon Etiquette

For those of yall that don't know- my mom owns a hair salon and has for over 20 years. I work for her from time to time answering the phones and cleaning up after the beauticians. Lately, since I have been unemployed, I have been working there. There has been a couple of lovely ladies that have really been grinding my gears though. In lieu of these rude women, I would like to share some salon etiquette with all of you.


Salon Etiquette 101
  • If your beautician is speaking with another client/doing another clients hair/on the phone with a client DO NOT stand there and wait for her to get done and definitely DO NOT interrupt their conversation with one of your own. It's rude. That other client deserves the same respect you will receive/received when you were in the chair.
  • If you are sitting beside a lady in the salon and you try and start up a conversation with them and get one word answers.. STOP talking to them. This may be their time to relax. They are not meaning to be rude, but you kind of are annoying.
  • When you appointment is over don't stick around for hours interrupting customers and talking to clients that don't want to hear anymore of your voice (see points 1 & 2). This is not your home, or your office. Leave your book work, laptops, and loud client phone calls where they belong.
  • If you do feel like talking while under the dryer, keep your head centered. It will take almost double the time to dry your hair if only half your head is covered by the dryer. Time is money, honey.
  • BE ON TIME. You could mess up your beauticians entire day by being late. If you are running late, shame on you, but call and let your stylist know how late you are running so they can possibly arrange their schedule and start on someone else.
  • DO NOT cancel last minute. On another note, do not not cancel and just totally not show up. Think about if you were at your job and you had 2 hours booked where you could make money but instead you just have to sit there and stare at the wall. They might be able to get another client in. CALL AHEAD and let them know.
  • Do you tip at a restaurant? I would bet my life that your stylist works twice as hard on making you look good than your waiter at fancy restaurant does. TIP PEOPLE.
  • Your beautician probably doesn't care if you spill the beans about your husbands affair or how your really upset your youngest child is going to college, but do NOT talk about politics, sex, religion, morals, or values. Your stylist probably knows your whole life story, but I can bet you probably don't know very much about them. Chances are you two don't see eye to eye on everything, and while it wouldn't be appropriate for your stylist to disagree with you, smoke is secretly coming out of her ears when you are talking about how terrible it is your friends 16 year old daughter is pregnant... guess what, she might have a 16 year old pregnant daughter too. BE CAREFUL with your words or you might end up with green hair. ;)
  • Do not get upset when you they can't get you in as soon as you want or at the right time. It is not their fault they are booked up. Trust me, they wish they could give everyone the appointments they want, but it's not that easy. BOOK AHEAD OF TIME and this won't happen. If you call the week of, do not be surprised and do NOT be rude when they can't fit you in. ADAPT.
I hope everyone learned a little from this. Sorry for my rant. I think all of this is common sense but I am blown away every single day by all the rude people in this world.


  1. LOVE THIS! When I was still in high school I worked at Beauty Brands & Ulta.. sometimes the clients were just plain UNBEARABLE! ;]

  2. Great tips! I was just in a salon the other day getting my hair done and it truly amazed me how rude some people can be in salons!

    Cute blog too :)


  3. hahahaha ahhh truth hurts sometimes .. but your'e so right!!!


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