Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Randomness In My Head

This post is going to be complete random and basically is showcasing what happened to me today and what I came across in magazines, etc. Hang in there, there is some pretty cool stuff below.

This is posted above my desk at work. I think it is completely hilarious and is super appropriate considering the weather we have been having lately. Agree? You have to. SO FUNNY.

Also, today at work [I'm working at my mom's hair salon until I find a big girl job] I got my hair cut. This actually isn't how I got it cut.. I only got a trim, so my hair is still Repunzel-esk. BUT, Andrew has been threatening me all week that if I cut my hair off he would not be too happy about it. Naturally, I hid my long layers and scared the crap out of him. Turns out, we both kind of ended up liking the short cut. Maybe that will be next look!

Sex & The City... PREQUEL?

I read today in US magazine that a Sex and the City prequel is in the works. This would star the girls from when they were teenagers until their mid-twenties. If you have read Summer in the City then I am assuming it will be something like that. The show would be aired on HBO. According to US Magazine, they are thinking about trying to get Selena Gomez to play Charlotte, Blake Lively to play Samantha, Elizabeth Olsen to play Carrie, and Emma Roberts to play Miranda. This is all rumor at the time and has not yet been validated. BUT... how cool would that be? Pleeeease do this HBO!

Although- if you ask me Lively should totally play Carrie, not Samantha.

Cake Pops
Cake pops are all the rage these days. Don't you wish you could make your own? And if you can make your own we hate you this little machine will make it easier.

BabyCake Cake pop machine
The best part?? It's only $24.99! YES, PLEASE.

What have you done/stumbled upon today?
Tomorrow Andrew and I are going with his sister Ashley to Orlando for the weekend. We plan on going to Disney one day and relaxing and touring Orlando the rest of the time. It was definitely a very random trip we decided on last minute.. but those are always the best right? Everyone have a wonderful weekend if I don't end up bringing my laptop with me!


  1. mmmk First of all I dont like the Selena Gomez as Char. mm mm no. But I am so in love with Blake Livelys hair.. soooo I realy hope that part is true lol
    I may now need to have cake pops now for dinner.

  2. I'm watching a Sex and the City re-run right now as I type this... how appropriate! HBO HAS to make a prequel!! And P.S. you look cute with short hair :)

  3. I agree about Lively! And I really need one of those cake pop machines!

  4. I love making cake pops-so time consuming though! I am afraid if I get the machine my cake pops won't be cool anymore ;)

  5. Blake is not a samantha at all!
    And I looove you with short hair! But of course you are beautiful with long hair too =]

  6. this cake pop machine looks amazing! I would definatley be interested in seeing this new sex in the city...some weird character choice though

  7. umm hold on lets backtrack, A SEX AND THE CITY PREQUEL????? O my god. O my god. I need to google this nowwww

  8. O.M.G you have seriously just made my day with this rumor of the sex in the city prequel! I am obsessed I tell you.

    What a cute blog! Follow each other? <3

    Lots of love,

  9. Love that baby cake pop machine!! I may just have to take the leap:)

  10. Haha love that little cartoon! I have yet had a cake pop but this makes me want to go try one!

  11. Hey! Cute blog. I am also a fellow NC girl. I'm a brand new follower.


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