Friday, August 19, 2011

Puppies Make My Heart Melt!

They really do. When a puppy cuddles up to me, my heart completely melts! I don't know how anyone could hold a puppy without having a huge smile on their face. They just make the day so much brighter. Some may say I have recently developed a bit of 'puppy fever'. One of my friends just got a dalmation-boxer mix and at 7 weeks old it is the most adorable thing! It's not even my puppy and I count the hours until I can go to their house and play with the little thing! Here are a couple pictures.. trust me, I wanted to take more but being the only girl in the room, I had to contain myself so I wouldn't get made fun of too much!

How precious is that?!

In lieu of my puppy fever, here are some other very adorable puppies I came across!

Cute Puppy

wallpaper cute puppy. Cute puppy iPad Wallpaper

Did my puppy fever rub off on anybody else after looking at all these pictures?


Andrew and I are going to Jacksonville, FL this weekend for his cousins wedding! I promise to eventually share pictures from this weekend as well as our Disney weekend ASAP.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. so stinking cute! I want to snuggle all of them!

  2. o my god! I died over this post, tooo cute!!!!

  3. oh no! Why? Why did you have to post these?? lol I love them all. Esp the second to last one with the daisy flowers! please get a puppy and then have Puppy photo Fridays?? lol

  4. That last picture with the boxer puppy! OMG! I just want to squeeeeeezze it!! Too cute!!



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