Thursday, August 25, 2011

Need a Reason to Watch NFL?

Andrew and I are going to meet up with some friends with watch Thursday night football tonight (Go Panthers!) and I was thinking, how do guys talk their girlfriends into watching numerous football games a week? Now, don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy watching football most of the time, but every once and while it can definitely get old (I like to use those said times to take a long nap on the couch!).

If you are one of those ladies who's tv rarely leaves ESPN or all the other channels that broadcast football during the season, yet you don't really enjoy it but don't have the heart to bicker with your significant other about it.. I have a solution. This may not entirely fix your annoyance with the NFL but it will probably aid in some relief.

While your man is watching a bunch of big gorillas kick the ol' pig skin around.. check out the faces (and let's face it, bootys, muscles, smiles, etc.) of these cuties!

Tom Brady

Reggie Bush

Terrell Owens

Jason Taylor

Will Demps

I hope this helps you and your relationship out during this NFL season. Your man will be so proud that you are suddenly so interested in which player is which and how your eyes never leave the screen! Haha so grab so cheese dip, pizza, and a cold beer and enjoy the season ladies :)

P.S. I'm typing up this blog right beside Andrew and he is refusing to read it. Oops!
At least I'm about to be a good girlfriend and go watch the game with him.
Too bad the love of my life Drew Carter doesn't play anymore!


This sweetheart even autographed a football for my birthday one year!
Look at that smile! And that crazy hair! :)


  1. lol you are too cute. And man alive there are some good looking players out there.. sheesh.

  2. I love football and girl you picked the best to feature starting with my one and only Tom Brady!!!! Great job.

  3. Definitely should add Clay Matthew to the list. He is a babe:)

  4. oh. my. yum.




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