Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My, My, How I Miss You!

I have been SO busy. I moved out of my college apartment this weekend.. cried all the way home Sunday [thank you amazing boyfriend for driving my dramatic, a bit tipsy, cry baby self home] and then completely passed out.. only to wake up on Monday to half barely begin unpacking all my clothes that no longer fit but I am keeping anyways [one day I will be a size 2 again, like I was.. ehh 7 years ago] and the maybe 3 outfits that I alternate wearing on a daily basis because they are the only articles of clothing I own that still fit. ANYWAYS. I am a sob case and just got off work and have been dying to blog but just haven't had the time.. which I still don't because now I have to cook dinner for the fam.
[also-has anyone else noticed that the paragraph above consist of pretty much 2 run-on sentences?]

I want to leave you with this:
Wanna know 3 things about my roomies and I?
#1 We act like we are 5 years old.. quite often.
#2 We don't handle change very well at all.
#3 We think moving away from each other is on of the worst things that will ever happen in this world.
[and I stand by that.. haha just kidding, I guess there are a FEW things a little more important..but barely ;)]
SO.. guess how we spent our final night in the apartment?


I just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone so you don't think I dropped off the planet. I promise to be back to my regular scheduled blogging ASAP.

I also promise to not be all over the place and might actually try and use correct punctuation instead of being a complete spaz.


  1. so cute! my freshman floormates and I did this! we all shoved into one dorm room the last night =]

  2. I am right there with you..being separated is horrible!!! Good luck getting everything moved in. I always always hang out to things, even when they don't fit.

  3. you and your gal pals are so darn cute! i love the slumber party...we are never too old for that...NEVER! good luck getting all settled in.

  4. Yay for slumber parties! Cute blog, girl. :) xx

  5. awwww good luck with everything girl!

  6. lol your slumber party looks like a lot of fun!


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