Monday, August 22, 2011

Kim K. Gets Hitched

Well, it's official.. Kim Kardashian finally found a man that can stand to be around her long enough to marry her. Shocker, I know. Did anyone catch Keeping up with the Kardashians last night? Within an hour of the Kardashian clan being in Bora Bora Kim had already had an 'anxiety attack' about the room being too large and about their being flower petals on her bed. She also burst into tears because she lost a pair of $75,000 diamond earrings in the ocean.

UM.. Hello, why the heck are you wearing $75,000 earrings in the OCEAN??
dumb. dumb. dumb.
and yes, for those of you who didn't see the episode.. her new groom witnessed all of the drama and still for some reason married her this past Saturday.

Back to my point, the wedding. Her wedding cost supposedly 10 million dollars and had around 450 guests. Before we talk about Kim, let's talk a little about these guests.

First up, Lindsay Lohan:
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Holy Freakin' Moly. Did anyone else know that it is possible to be a cougar at age 25? Lindsay, lay off the self tanner, go back to your gorgeous red hair, and for goodness sakes, PUT THOSE THINGS AWAY!

Maria Menounos
Guests Tweet Before Kim Kardashian's Wedding
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I have two words for this girl: TOO TIGHT.
But then again, I guess at a Kardashian wedding, anything curve hugging would be socially acceptable.
Kris Jenner
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Wow, Kris. Why does she always insist on being the center of attention? That is a disgusting bow and she can't possibly think it looks attractive. Yikes. I can't wait until the Fashion Police get ahold of that dress and rip it to shreds.

Some of the other guests included:
Demi Lovato, Babyface, Vera Wang, Mario Lopez, Mark Ballas, Ciaro and Carmelo Anthony, Eva Longoria, and Eduardo Cruz, Alan Thicke, Sugar Ray Leonard, Kathy Lee Gifford, Brit Gastineau, Greta Van Sustren, Jillian Barberie, Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne, and Scottie and Larsa Pippen.

Some celeb love for the couple:
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Guests Tweet Before Kim Kardashian's Wedding

Kendall Jenner shares her love for her sister on her Twitter account.

Guests Tweet Before Kim Kardashian's Wedding
From Kim's friend, LaLa via Twitter.

Guests Tweet Before Kim Kardashian's Wedding

From Kim's best friend, via his Twitter account.

The Details:
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The Dress(es): To walk down the aisle, Kim wore a custom ivory Vera Wang dress. The dress included a full tulle skirt with a basque waist and hand pieced Chantilly lace on the bodice and train. Her shoes were by Guiseppe Zanotti. Before heading to the reception, Kim changed into an ivory mermaid gown with hand-pieced Chantilly lace on the bodice. Later in the evening, Kim was spotted in her third gown of the day: a crepe-back, V-neck satin gown with a circle skirt, again by Vera Wang.
The first dance: Mr. and Mrs. Humphries shared their first dance to by Robin Thicke’s “Angels.”
The food: Guests were served an array of elegant foods provided by Wolfgang Puck. The menu included buffalo mozzarella and heirloom tomato salad with basil and “tomato chips” to agnolotti with sweet corn mascarpone and summer truffles, roast chicken with Yukon Gold potato puree, caramelized brussels sprouts and summer truffles.
The wedding cake: The six foot tall black and white cake was designed by Hansen Cakes in L.A. The couple wanted the cake to resemble Prince William and Duchess Kate’s and reportedly cost $15,000 to $20,000! So did Humphries smashing a piece of cake in Kim’s face? No way!
The honeymoon: Kim & Kris aren’t headed off to honeymoon together just yet. They planned on delaying the trip for a bit as Kim is set to be in New York to shoot the second season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York.
And.. the moment y'all have all been waiting for!

The Bride!
I get that she's Armenian.. but that head dress thing looks terrible. Khloe didn't wear one of those I don't believe. And all the white?? For 20 million dollars I would think they could have gotten a little bit more creative. Being the attention hog Kim is, you would think she would have rather died than have anyone else wear white on her big day.

Here is a sneak peak from E! News about the big day.

Not enough Kim K wedding material for you? Yeah, me neither. Lucky for us, their is a 2 hour special premiering on E! on October 20th! :) I am setting my DVR A.S.A.P.!

While Kim was getting married this weekend, Andrew and I were attending a wedding as well. We drove to Jacksonville to go to his cousins wedding. It was at a beautiful country club looking over the St. Johns River. The weather was perfect, the music was fun, they had an awesome photo booth which we all took full advantage of, and the food was actually pretty good! It was a lot of fun to get all dressed up and spend time with my wonderful boyfriend and his family.

Pictures will be posted soon, I hope. I still have to post pictures from Disney World. I desperately need to go get my camera fixed so I don't have to rely on others to put up pictures for me to steal but I have just been so dang busy lately!

Is anyone else as exhausted as I am this Monday? Monday's are so dreadful.


  1. I feel like this is such a big day because she's been waiting to get married since FOREVER. I think it would have been great if there wasn't all the hype. With that kind of hype there is bound to be disappointment. It was compared to the United States Royal Wedding and honestly, I didn't feel that impressed. There was nothing timeless or classic about the event in my opinion, it was very much a Hollywood production.

  2. I havent seen any of the photos from her wedding! Oh my goodness.. lindsey makes me sad lol. I am not sure I like all the white either, what gives?

  3. I just read all of this and am still dying to know more! bah...i'm disappointed with myself

  4. i missed all the coverage over the weekend. thank you for catching me up to speed :) i think the whole thing was a lil tacky and over the top, but of course i cant stop reading about it hehe.

  5. I am cracking up right now--this post is amazing! Thanks for the commentary!


  6. I looooove this post! What the heck about the head dress thing?! It silly! And Kris words!



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