Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Confessions

I confess.. I desperately need a big girl job.
I confess.. I really miss my roomies.
I confess.. I only have two pair of jeans that actually fit right now.
I confess.. I am ready for fall. I miss my boots.
I confess.. I am beyond ready for football season.
[love Sundays on the couch with yummy cheese dip & family!]

I confess.. I had the most amazing dinner ever last night at Mama Ricottas.

I got this, but with shrimp instead of chicken! YUMMMM! :)

I confess.. I am about to eat my left overs right this second.

I confess.. I have almost been home a week and still am not done unpacking.

I confess.. I am probably going to beg my mama to go shopping this weekend!
[TAX FREE...yayyy!]

I confess..  I am pretty friggin' excited the Jersey Shore is back on.

It's Friday! What do you have to confess?

Hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. umm I confess that I just at a Carmello for lunch... and I dont plan to follow it up with any thing healthy :/ fail.

  2. I only 2 pairs of jeans I like! its so hard to find the perfect pair

  3. I'm with Rebecca above. I pretty much only wear 2 pairs. I'm so picky about buying jeans.


  4. I am guilty of watching jersey shore last night!


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