Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Expressing Yourself [the wrong way]

Let me start off by first saying.. some of you aren't going to like this post.. and by the end of it I hope you understand that these are my (some what biased) and maybe judgemental and possibly wrong opinions.
Please don't take this post to heart!

I am all for expression. If you want to wear a t-shirt that says 'I Love My Poodle,' I may think it's weird, but hey, go for it. If you want to tattoo your husbands name on your forehead, I may think it's stupid, but go for it. That is your body.. do with it what you may.

But.. lately I have seen way too many people expressing themselves via their vehicles (haha say that 10 times fast!) and it makes me just shake my head.

Here are my opinions on some trends I think are ridiculous.

I totally understand the whole 'Vote for whomever' on peoples cars but when you start bashing our countries president or even other people that are running/have ran it is down right TACKY. I don't care if you love Obama or the thought of him running our country makes you throw up in your mouth.. he is the president of our country and you should support him. What would other people think if they came to our country and saw insulting things about our countries leader on cars? I'll tell you what- that we are rude, ignorant people that have no respect for our country.

Andrew snapped this picture the other day. Really people? I honestly feel sorry for this guy. Who drives around like that?!

Here are some more bumper stickers, bashing Bush this time.

Tramp Stamps- on your car.
Now this one might really piss a couple of you ladies off. I hate when girls (or guys I guess, although I've never seen a guy do this) have their monogram on the back on their cars. One of my guy friends said to me once, When a girl has their initials on the back of their car I know they are an easy target. It's like when a girl has a tramp stamp. I know if I see those initals there is a way higher chance I can take her home than a girl that doesn't. HA! A tramp stamp on your car? That is hilarious that guys think that! Want to remove yours now?

Calling all soccer moms.. those 8 stick figures on the back of your car make you a huge driving target for pedophiles. If you see a creepy van following your car home at night, it is probably because he knows little Suzie is a dancer and Joshua Jr. likes to fish oh and he might just be a sucker for little dogs. Bonus points if you are divorced and are lacking a father figure on your car, all the easier for the weirdos. If putting you and your childrens safety at risk isn't enough to take those down.. well let me just tell you.. they look STUPID and half of you probably can't see out your darn back window from all those children.

Well, that was my rant for today folks. Sorry if I offended anyone. :)
Are their any bumper stickers out there that you think are down right ridiculous and irritate the heck out of you?? Please share so I don't feel so awful about criticizing people I have never even met before!


  1. I agree on ALL accounts! I did not personally vote for Obama but do not agree w/ bashing him AT ALL! I thought it was disrespectful when people bashed Bush when he was in office & I think the same thing about Obama. I've never thought about the Monogram thing the way you put it... but it makes sense. It has always gotten on my nerves though. And don't even get me started on the stick people!! Hahaha... do you really need a stick cat & dog too? Great post!

  2. the family stickers annoy me too! I dont care that you have 6 kids and 2 dogs!

  3. LOVE this! I didn't vote for Obama, nor do I agree with a lot of his decisions, but I keep my mouth shut. I especially wouldn't want something that trashy on my car! I agree about the stick family too!! I've always made fun of those people. I have never seen the monogram, but I've seen the butterfly with the tribal stuff around it and things like that which are equally trashy.

  4. The family stickers are questionable...especially this one family I saw with pictures of their 8 chickens. We were SO confused as to what they were until we got really close, and yes, they were chickens.

  5. This post is hilarious! I totally agree about the families! My husband and I always laugh at how ridiculous those things are. I can't believe they are so popular!

  6. I agree! I've never put initials on my car because I'm afraid some freak will be able to identify my car and kill me in a parking lot. haha

  7. Haha! Love this post. I hate the tramp stamp on the car as well. You made me smile this morning :)

  8. LOL - Tramp stamp on the car... I never thought of it that way! Love it! Also I hate the family pics on the car (er: minivan) too... so tacky!


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