Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

I am very sorry to say that although I had one of the best weekends I've had in a while, I do not have any pictures to document it as my camera charger just decided to go on strike and stop working without any warning.

After going through 3 cameras in the past year- if this one can't be fixed the above is exactly what I will be doing.
[No shame here. I'm ticked.]

Anyways- my parents went to Richmond, VA this weekend to visit my aunt so I drove back to Charlotte to watch the pets and spend a little time with Andrew (finally!).

My little pup, Izzy!

My kitty, Boots being sketchy as always.

 On Friday night I stayed in for dinner and cooked zucchini pizza for Andrew. After dinner we went to Dish it Out. Dish it Out is a local pottery place where you can paint pottery how you want it and then they take it and put it in the kiln to be fired and glossed. We made mugs for each other. I painted him a UNC tarheels mug with his initials and he painted me a scene from Irelend (my favorite place!). We had so much fun and I know we will cherish those mugs and the memories forever.
[I will take pictures when we get the pottery back and show you how creative my sweet boyfriend is!]

Saturday we went to Nakatos with Andrew's sister Ashley and her boyfriend Nolan. Nakatos is a Japanese steakhouse where they cook in front of you- again, I have no pictures. :( After the delicious and entertaining dinner we went to the movies to see Transformers in 3D. At first the 3D movie made me feel quite sick but eventually my eyes and stomach adjusted and it turned out to be pretty awesome. It was a really good movie. Megan Fox was not missed. We had a great time with Ashley & Nolan. I can't wait until I am back in Charlotte and we can all spend more time together.

Although- one complaint- tell me how it is possible for a girl to run around the city in high heels dodging transformers, falling buildings, etc. with a white jacket on without spraining her ankle and without there being a speck of dirt on her crisp white jacket. Such annoying standards. Thanks Hollywood.

I also had some time to catch up with the family at my Nana & Papa's for a yummy lunch on Sunday and when my mom got home we went out to lunch and to get TCBY on Monday. I am absolutely obsessed with their pomegranate froyo. I might have had it twice this weekend. Oops.

Sorry for the lame google images and lack of personal touch. I promise to figure out what's wrong with my *stupid, unreliable* camera ASAP.
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Back on the work grind tomorrow. Dangit.


  1. LOL yeah that bugs me too.. at least have then in different shoes, or just have the charcater kick them off as I am sure I probably would have done! Also I too had a cat named Boots when I was little! Love cats, yours is adorable


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