Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Not Goodbye- It's See Ya Later

I have been tied at the hip with two very special girls for around 3 years now.. my roommates. Alli and Jordan and I live together in an adorable yet always slightly messy apartment on "Melba" (our infamous street name). This is all about to come to an end on Sunday. We are being given the boot July 31 so the next totally not as cool tenants can move in. Alli, Jordan, and I have seen each other through some of the most difficult times of our life. We have adjusted to being alone together, held each other when we cried over boys, dealt with each others family drama.. but most importantly we have made each other happy. I have laughed so much with those girls I have literally peed my pants (don't judge me). We have pigged out together so many times it's embarrassing and have definitely seen each other under the worst conditions (in our defense there is NO time to shower during finals and sometimes it IS okay to justify taking a swim for a shower.. right?). Anyways, I want them to know how much I love and care about them and how thankful I am that they have always been there for me no matter how bratty, catty, and just plain grumpy I have been (Jordan? Alli? Do you guys even read my blog?). 

Regardless.. these girls are my sisters and I will never, ever forget the times we had together. I could not have asked under any circumstances to spend every waking college moment with anyone better.

Now is when I could write about our times together, every inside joke we have ever had, that embarrassing thing that happened once upon a time or the time we all almost killed each other.. but instead, I will just leave you with some pictures of the people that kept me in motivated, happy, and always had my back. I am going to be sad to leave you both :( 

[Confession: I cried a little when looking through all my pictures. I couldn't have asked for a better college experience. Thank to Alli and Jordan and everyone else who made my time at UNCW so amazing. I am going to cherish the memories I made with each and every one of you]



  1. goodbyes suck =[
    But, I love your blog =] So glad I came across it! Super excited to follow you and see all your posts.

  2. I cried when I my roomie and I moved out too! It's sad but you all will keep in touch!


  3. awww i am so sad for you :( cherish all those memories. they will last a lifetime. there is nothing like the days of college roomies. some of the best times of my life!

  4. You are the sweetest! My favorite blog ever, especially because I am in it :p! But let me make this clear... TOTALLY not a goodbye!!!


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