Friday, July 8, 2011

Holden Bound

I'm leaving today from the beach, to go to the beach (hard life, huh?). I'm driving down to Holden Beach today to meet up with my mom, sister and two precious nieces at my Nana's beach house. It's girls weekend y'all, and let me tell you- it's much needed! I don't remember the last time just us girls got some quality time together and I'm pretty excited.. we have a lot of catching up to do! 

Holden Beach
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There is something special about Holden Beach. I have went through a love-hate relationship with this beach since I was in diapers. From ages 0-12 I loved Holden. I love the walks with my mom around the neighborhood, the fire hydrant we would pass on said walks that was painted like a dog, the ice cream store (Scoops Ice Cream) that we went to every night, the arcade at the pier, and of course, building sandcastles on the beach and boogie boarding.

Then, once I turned 13, I hated going to Holden. I hated the roaches we would find at my Nana's beach house, the fact that everyone just 'wanted to relax,' being seen with my parents at for mentioned ice cream shop, and eating sandwiches on the beach that were heavy on the sand.

Once I turned 19 or 20 Holden and I rekindled our love flame. I love going there because it's quiet, familiar, quaint, and it gives me time to spend with my family with out the every day hustle and bustle.

With that said, I can't wait to relax on the beach, catch up with my mama and big sister, and play with my little nieces. After all, we are all at the age where we enjoy Holden, and it is only a matter of time until my oldest niece decides she's 'too cool' for Nana's beach house.

My two nieces at my college graduation- May 2011
With that said, I plan on eating lots of tomato sandwiches, reading a really good book, eating at Provisions with the wonderful ladies in my family, and not thinking about my internship, job searching, moving back to Charlotte, or anything until I return to Wilmington on Monday morning.
Book I plan to read: Summer in the City
Provision Co. - Where we must eat while at Holden Beach.
I hope everyone has a fabulous & safe weekend!


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