Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gone to Ireland in My Mind..

Yesterday I did something I haven't done in many, many years..


I have been wanting to add the Mumford & Sons new CD to my Ipod for-ev-er now. Thanks to Limewire crashing (and yes, I was one of those people that stole those poor helpless celebrities music) I decided to buy the CD instead of crowding my computer even more with virus-prone downloads.
Plus it was only $9 at Wal-Mart.. STEAL :)

Mumford & Sons
Photo via
Aren't they lovely?
Anyways, I am usually a country music listening type of gal but ever since I went to Ireland this summer I have acquired a love for Irish sounding music. I can't describe it- maybe because it reminds me of my time spent in Dublin- but when Mumford & Sons (or any Irish music for that matter) comes on, I get instantly happy. I'm talking smile on my face, want to tap my toe and dance, kind of happy.
Totally worth $9!

You have probably read a wee bit about my trip to Ireland randomly throughout my little blog. Well, since I am in a wonderful giddy Irish mood today, I would like to share a few pictures from the most magical place on earth with you.. no, no, not Disney World.. Dublin, Ireland!

Irish Coffee every morning- Living the dream..

World famous Temple Bar

 Dublin Castle

The best beer in the world.. Carlsberg.

 Where P.S. I Love You & Braveheart were filmed.

Cheersing Ireland at the top of the Guinness Factory

Outside the Guinness Factory

With the best band Dublin has to offer- Totally Wired. Miss them!

Oh, you know.. just dancing in the streets of Dublin.

If you ever have a chance to go to Ireland.. GO. Don't think about it, don't look back.. just GO.
And, call me first so I can come with you.
It makes me sad just looking at the pictures. One day, I will go back and I might even stay forever! :)
In the mean time, I will be listening to my new Mumford & Sons CD on repeat.

Happy Wednesday ladies.. We're half way there!


  1. i went to ireleand last year to amazing! We have some pics at the same place!

  2. I've never been to Ireland and it's on my to do list! Looks like sooo much fun!

  3. I am wanting to go even more now! I love your pictures, especially the one of the Temple Bar and you're friends all cheersing!!

  4. Looks like a blast!! just stoppin' by! =)))

  5. I freaking LOVE Mumford. I was lucky enough to get tickets to their first US tour stop in LA and fell even deeper in love with them . Oh my yes!they are from England though;)so def dont tell the Irish that you said that LOL> My family has big 'ol Irish roots, and I still havent been.. shame!

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