Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Sometimes with our busy schedules we tend to forget what is important, maybe for a moment, maybe for days, and in the worst cases, sometimes all together. If I need a little reminder every now and then, I know I can count on my mama. When someone she knows or a friend of a friend is in trouble, she always sends me a short text asking me to pray for them. This is always a good reminder that while I should be asking for Gods help and guidance for those suffering, I should also be thinking him for health and happiness. 

Lake Lure NC, where I went summer camp as a child.

When I was younger, prayer was simple. I had it memorized, down to an art. "As I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep..." and "God is great, God is good, let us thank him for our food..".

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Now, prayer can seem a little more difficult with all these 'real life' and 'grown up' issues we are finding ourselves dealing with on a daily basis. But good news friends, it's not! Our problem is, we think there is a formula for prayer because there seems to be a formula for every part of our lives. A math formula in class, a formula to bake brownies after dinner, and a formula for getting to work the quickest way. There is no formula to prayer. Talk to God as if you were talking to your best friend; he will listen.

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If you still aren't sure how to begin, try starting your prayer off using this quote by Reinhold Niebuhr:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Prayer is a very powerful thing. Don't be afraid to talk to God, send him your prayer requests and thank him for everything he has done in your life, as well as in the lives of others.

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends!


  1. Love this post. Sorry I'm a tad late... Catching up on blog reading as we speak. Hope you're doing wonderfully!!


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