Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Favorites!

Well, TGIF, everyone! I for one am so glad the weekend is in 6 hours! After spending 3 days being spoiled in Savannah by the boyfriend, this week has crept by! This is going to be a totally random post of things I have been loving this week. Enjoy!

These. Are. Awesome. I got these at the grocery store this week solely because they were on sale.. but ladies, I have fallen in love! First of all, they are SnackWells, which always tastes amazing given the lack of calories it contains [these happen to contain 140 per bar!] Now, I know that doesn't compare to the Kellogs breakfast bars, but those are tiny and never fill me up. These are larger, very moist, and taste delicious. They are brand new and most likely on sale at most place so try them for yourself!

The Keurig at my office. Simple, fast, delicious coffee. That is all.

Minute to Win it for Wii. To be honest, I am not sure if I am loving or hating this game this week. I bought it this weekend and we have had a love-hate relationship ever since. Having 8 hour work days M-F have prevented me from going out, well, ever. With that said, I have been spending a lot of nights finding ways to occupy my time- with Minute to Win it for example. This game is very fun, but also very addictive. Do I recommend it? I'm not quite sure yet...

My newest favorite night time snack! If you're anything like me, you always crave either chocolate or something salty around 9pm. Every girl knows it's not very smart to eat at that hour but sometimes we just have to give in to temptation. I found the *perfect* snack for when temptation wins. Blue Bunny makes miniture drumsticks now! Look how tiny, cute, adorable, etc. those things are! Finally, an ice cream I can eat late at night and not feel guilty about right afterwards!

OPI's 'Pink-a-Doodle' pale pink nail polish. It's the perfect light shade of pink. I bought a bottle of this for Andrews sister last week and had to get one for myself!  It is pink while still being professional and I absolutely love it. It also got the boyfriends seal of approval [apparently, and this is news to me, a lot of guys prefered unpainted nails, and this is a happy medium for all :) ]!

I know this is old news for everyone, but I obsess over this weekly, so why not add it in my Friday favorites? & are amazing. They are filled with creative and interesting people sharing things that they uniquely make or that has inspired them. It brightens my day to stumble around on these sites.

And lastly, this quote by Coco Chanel:

Everyone have a safe and beautiful weekend! Don't forget to make your father feel loved on his special day!


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