Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day (on a budget!)

Father's Day is quickly approaching and as much as we all love our daddys, step daddys, grandpas, etc; it can be quite challenging to find a dad-worthy present on a tight budget. No worries- I've compiled 5 amazing presents that would make any dads day and the best part is, they don't have to cost very much!
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New Era Boston Red Sox Authentic 2010 Home BP Cap
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Most of our fathers have favorite sports teams or even just a favorite sport. It could be baseball, soccer, football, even golf. Whatever it is, a dad could always use a new hat or a t-shirt featuring their favorite sports team. This Boston Red Sox hat is only $24 dollars! Another good idea is to get your dad something that has your college on it. Dads love to brag about their kids!

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Every dad is into something. Whether that be sports, fitness, the news, traveling, the outdoors, etc. Why not get Dad a magazine subscription so he can stay up to date on his favorite activites. Most magazine subscriptions are available for around $10-$25 for an entire year. That is around $2-$3 dollars a month for a gift dad can enjoy all year long.

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Places like Michaels (which right now has 60% off custom framing until June 18), Old Time Pottery, and Hobby Lobby have frames for a fairly reasonable price. Father's love memories. I think it is a creative and unique idea to give dad a picture of yourself/family or a place you visited as a family and loved (i.e. the mountains, beach, Europe, or even a restaurant you frequently eat at). It is something he wouldn't expect, but he could cherish it every time he walked by it.

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Make dad a 'basket' of things he loves and uses on a regular basis. It will mean a lot to him that you know him well enough to compile a gift basket full of his favorite things (and it will save him the hassle of running to the store to get them for himself that week!) I think every man loves a cooler and there's always a need for them so it's a good idea to replace a basket (who needs those?) with a cooler. Fill the cooler with dads favorite snacks, candies, drinks, some golf balls if he golfs, gardening gloves if he gardens, movie passes if he's an avid movie watcher, playing cards, coupons for you to mow the grass, etc. All these items can add up but if you're smart about it and plan ahead it will make a fun gift dad will definitely appreciate for a small cost.

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If you're really low on funds this month, just get dad a card. You can make it yourself or buy it at the store, either way it is appreciated and dad will understand. What matters most is what you write inside. Make sure it is meaningful and shows that you took the time. Be thoughtful and show dad how much you love and appreciate him. That's all dad really wants anyways, to be appreciated on his special day.

Hope this helps my readers on a budget!


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