Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Dash

So, on Thursday I said I had something really exciting to reveal on Friday.. but I'm ashamed to say that I didn't get around to blogging all weekend! Well, the big news was that Andrew and I took part in the Reeds Diamond Dash Saturday morning in downtown Wilmington. Basically, it was about 250 couples that participated in a scavenger hunt around the downtown area in hopes of winning an $11,000 engagement ring.

Reeds sent clues to your phone to go to a destination; once you got to said destination, you answered a question about it via text back; if the answer was correct, they sent you to the next destination, and so on and so forth. Sadly, we didn't win the ring. We had 74 points and the winner had 101 (we were close!). We had so much fun though running around downtown and working as a team. We had never been in that sort of situation before and I think we definitely grew as a couple from it (and we didn't end up killing each other, so that was good! I think a few couples ended their relationship that day instead of taking it to the next level! ha). The winners seemed like a really sweet couple that appreciated their prize, so that made me feel better about losing! There's always next year! My roommate AjC and her boyfriend also participated. She has the pictures we took that day, so for now this is all I have!

The beautiful Scott Kay ring Reeds gave to a lucky couple!

Andrew and I after the race. Please excuse our sweaty faces, slicked back hair, bright green mandatory t-shirts and exhausted faces. Totally worth it! 

We didn't win, but Andrew still got me a new Pandora charm for my bracelet because he's just that sweet! :)

I also tried a lot of new delicious recipes this weekend that I want to share with you, but that will have to be another post at another time because I'm exhausted and it's Wedding Sunday on We TV
& the couch is calling my name!


  1. I wish I could've joined y'all but unfortunately, I had no one that would want to potentially marry me, or be anywhere close to a wedding ring haha! What were the questions like? I can't wait to hear all about it and o CANNOT wait to see you! Cupcakes and champagne all week long? YES YES YES!


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