Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yearning for Yurman

I have been obsessed with David Yurman since I was in high school and saw an ad for some of his jewelry in, what was probably a Cosmo, magazine. His designs are different from others because they not only make a statement, but they are beautifully colored. I love how many different stone options they are. I decided to blog about my friend Dave today, and yes we are in love so I can call him Dave, for one reason.. one of my best friends KeS received a David Yurman for college graduation and came over last night to throw her pretty tan fingers, adorned with Dave, in my face!

Just kidding.. Of course, I was the one trying it on jealously and wishing I had a Yurman of my very own! KeS had been wanting this same ring since she was 14 and totally deserved it on her special day!

Anyways, after obsessing of KeS's new bling, I decided to go to the David Yurman website to browse through all the things my lovely college budget cannot afford. Here are some of my favorite Yurman rings.

Cable Wrap Ring- Lavendar Amethyst ($1,350)

Multi-Stone Oval Mosaic Ring ($1,450)

Moonlight Ice Ring, Hematite 17mm ($1,600)

All these rings are great but there was something else on that caught my eye that made me love David Yurman even more than I previously had. He now has a collection called Jewelers for Children, an organization where a portion of the profits go to children who have been affected by illness, neglect, or abuse. As amazing as this is, the peices are pretty amazing and timeless as well:

Prices start at just $375

As if I didn't already have enough reasons to love David Yurman. Maybe one day I will be able to afford one of my very own!


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