Thursday, May 26, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things..

Flowers, rhinestones, and feathers.. I love them all. But when they are combined, especially on a wedding day, they bring out the beauty in each other. Some may disagree and say this is tacky, but, to each her own. I have been wanting to be a wedding planner since I was a little girl but when I came to college I decided to opt for something a little more realistic and study public relations instead.


This past year though, I reacquainted myself with my long lost dream. I owe a big thank you for that to TLC's My Fair Wedding, Say Yes to the Dress, and Bridezillas. I also owe it to my mom for never throwing away those 10lb wedding magazines that she receives at her work and letting me flip through them for hours while still on the clock.
All my friends make fun of me for religiously watching TLC, but I love, love, love weddings, and just so my friends, family, and readers know this does not mean I am ready to walk down the aisle. Anyways, my love for weddings has caused me to browse the web quite frequently (some might even say at an unhealthy level to not even be engaged) for all things wedding-related. Recently, I've fell in love with Etsy is a website where all types of people post their crafts for others to buy. There are some really unique and adorable things on Etsy, but for this post I'd like to focus on their wedding section. There are so many amazing wedding goodies any bride would die for on this site (and they are reasonably priced!). My favorites just happened to be floral, bejazzled, with a with feather or two. 

NEW ITEM - Bridal Diamond White Hair Flower with Rhinestones Center and Feathers  Accents - Bridal Hairpiece 
Bridal Flower for Hair [by designbypris]

White Wine Spritzer Feather Fascinator : F012 made to order
Bridal Flower for Hair [by Jrcastillo]

Elegant Bridal Bouquet
Elegant Bridal Bouquet [by crossingstem]

SATINE Silk Dupioni Rhinestone and Feather Bridal Garter Set
Bridal Garter [by bellesandcrystals]

Tulle and Organza Bridal Sash Centered with a Cluster of Swarovski Rhinestone Piece and Soft Ostrich Feathers, Available in Black, Ivory, White and Diamond White
Bridal Belt [by marisolaparicio]
I think this would look beautiful on a simple white dress!

Maybe you're not as into weddings as I am, but even so, you should check out, they have some amazing and unique finds on there. If your crafty, maybe think about selling some of your stuff!


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